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Optimizing Costs.

Companies must constantly optimize costs and quickly implement a cultural, digital transformation in order to remain competitive and grow sustainably. To do this, efficiently closing the asset, documentation and data gaps is essential especially given the current workforce situation. We support your cost optimising journey from identification to implementation end-to-end. Our consultants have over a century hands-on experience in supporting companies along their individual journey.
IC Hotz - Sustainable Industry Solutions. 


Digital Transformation

Global Chemical Company

We solved a 50 year old industry problem in a matter of weeks and transformed daily operation and maintenance activities sustainably.


We leveraged state of the art digital technologies, trained and coached employees based on specific needs and assured fast adoption in daily operation. 

We scaled what mattered most for teams around the globe with our flexible partner network. 

Do you want to digitalise your organisation fast and simple?

Safety Transformation

Chemical Park Operator

After a major accident with multiple fatalities, we established a baseline for a safety transformation. 

We identified commonality factors across multiple business lines and developed a resilient safety transformation plan. 

We guided and coached top-floor to shop-floor employees along the transformation process and restabilized the organization

Do you want to finally lower your LTIR?


Scan-to-Digital in 30 days

Global Chemical Company

Within just 30 days, we scanned, reviewed and updated asset performance, engineering, P&IDs, and documentation data. 

We delivered a digital twin, a single point of truth that sustainably closed the asset performance & documentation gap, gave control over assets back and enabled a new way of working.

Do you want to regain control over your assets and assure a safe operation? 

Production System Implementation

Global Chemical Company

We developed and delivered a 

reliability centered production system for multiple sites for a global chemical client. 

We trained and coached top-floor to shop-floor employees. Established a new way of working, key KPIs, and simplified the application of digital tools including SAP PM notification, work order and process management.

Do you want to update your production processes? 

Engineer on Tablet
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